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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning started out with present opening, of course! S enjoyed her new scooter and J his new rocking horse. It took J a bit to figure out that the gifts were for unwrapping and once he did he wanted to fully enjoy that gift before opening another often shaking his head 'no' when we asked if he was ready for another present. S tried to encourage him as much as possible by helping to start the unwrapping part!

After presents at home we drove to Newburyport for gifts and dinner with Nathan's family. Another wonderful time with the family.

The 3 oldest cousins enjoyed Gami and Papi's Christmas train that goes in circles under their tree. They sat there for about 15 minutes just watching and waving to the train!

The day ended with S and J tucked in their car seats for the drive home. Thankfully they slept late the following day. They were wiped out from all the fun!


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