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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Home is where your family is

I returned to Boston for a very brief, jet-lagged visit home. A couple of observations:

1) There is very little on television at 3:00 a.m. in the morning in the U.S. . I've found this also to be the case in Germany and Japan. Someone needs to create the "JetLag Channel" for international travellers that will have non-infomercial programming on at odd hours of the night.

2) We get an incredible amount of junk mail. We haven't been gone all that long, and still going through all the junk mail took quite a bit of time. You might think that after the first dozen credit card offers went unanswered, they might not send you another three or four dozen - but that is not the case. Adding up the combined value of the credit cards and home equity lines of credit, I think we were offered enough money since we were gone to purchase a small nation.

3) While it was very enjoyable to drive along the Charles River, enjoy a Coffee Coolatta, sleep on a normal pillow, and walk through a grocery store with a shopping cart without feeling like you are threading a needle - being home is not much fun without your family.


At 12:06 AM, Blogger Jill said...

Non-infomercial programming would also be appreciated by new moms and dads taking turns holding a baby that refuses to sleep anywhere but in someone's arms all night long. We did that for three weeks with C - and have spent quite a bit of time talking about how we hope to avoid that with C's little brother or sister.

Safe trip "home."


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