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Friday, October 06, 2006

Another goodbye

SJ was thrilled to have her Aunti Em stay with her for a week. But, unfortunately, Auntie Em had to go back to Brooklyn this week.

SJ cried a lot at the train station as Auntie Em's train pulled away. We didn't think she'd stop, until we offered for her to pick out a snack from the bakery, and then everything was fine.

Unfortunately for Em, her trip back wasn't the greatest. She checked her laptop in her suitcase, and it was gone when she arrived in the U.S.

Also, evidently, the fine print that you never read in the ticket jacket they hand you at check-in says that the airline is not responsible for computers, jewelry, or other valuable items that the baggage handlers help themselves to out of your luggage.

I think I am going to start handing out disclaimer notices as well. If eluding responsibility is as simple as handing out a pamphlet that says you're not responsible, that's a pretty good deal.


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