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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


After coming back from Aachen we headed downtown to enjoy the last few hours of "BonnFest".

What is "BonnFest" you ask? We had the same question after seeing a poster advertising it, so I conducted an informal poll of my co-workers. Here is a sampling of their answers.

"What?" - female co-worker.

"Huh?" - male co-worker who has lived in Bonn for 7 years.

Evidently, BonnFest still has a ways to go to surpass Octoberfest in the notoriety department. Basically, "BonnFest" is an event where the stores are open on Sunday afternoon (which is a pretty big deal in Germany), they have some special music, rides, and food vendors.

We had a dinner of Flammkuchen (a really, really thin crust white pizza with ham and onions) and then capped off the day with a few rides around on the merry go round. The last time we went on the merry go round, we mistakingly only purchased a one ride pass. So, after the one ride was over, we had to drag SJ away from the ride kicking and screaming. This time we had the foresight to purchase the multi-ride value pass. The end of the ride was still not fun, but I think it was better than if she had only gone on once. I think SJ would only have been completely satisfied if she had had an opportunity to try out every single car/truck/animal on the ride.


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