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Friday, March 02, 2007

Thawing out....

The other day SJ went to the shoe store for some new boots and some new sneakers. She loves both pairs. As you can seen in the picture she loves splashing in the numerous puddles found currently in our driveway - once an ice rink, now 1/2 ice rink, 1/4 puddles, and 1/4 slushy goo. Her new sneakers she wears all the time in the house - even wants to wear them to bed! As most children feel when they get new shoes, she feels she can run really really fast now!
Speaking of wanting to wear things all the time, SJ is now going through a phase when she only wants to wear pink pants - no jeans, no khaki's, no purple pants...just pink... and fleece pants to top it off. A sure way to avoid a dressing battle in the morning is to set out a pair of pink pants and preferrably a pink shirt to match. AND, she recently rediscovered her Elmo pj's that she got for her birthday from Gami and Papi. They were set aside to be put away when she discovered them and now she has to wear them to bed every night. They are, of course, too short - her belly shows and the pant legs only go down to below her knees - but, she loves them. Why do kids go through such little quirky phases?! A lesson learned.....put away all "old" and "too small" things pronto - once discovered again by the toddler they will become the new beloved item!!


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