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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Valentine's Day

SJ and her Grandpa prepare for Valentine's Day by coloring her valentine cards for her school mates. Grandma and Grandpa braved the Valentine's Day storm to take SJ to her school for the Valentine's party. The note from SJ's teachers the previous week indicated that all students should bring Valentine's for their classmates. Being the good parent that she is, SJ's Mom along with Grandma searched high and low for the perfect Valentine cards for SJ to take to school. High and low on the shelves of Stop & Shop and Star Market, that is...the Valentine's there were on sale for 99 cents. What a bargain!

SJ proudly decorated these Hello Kitty Valentines that even came with little heart stickers to close them up. What could be better? Well, needless to say SJ's Mom was quite surprised that she came home with way better Valentines from the other kids. Some were boxes of candy, some little bags with Hershey's kisses. One included little plastic bracelets and little toy rings! One was for a free Friendly's ice cream cone! 2 even came inside real envelopes. Ok, there was one other little girl who passed out the 99 cent Hello Kitty ones, too, but most were not from the bargain rack! I guess we need to start saving up now for next year's Valentine's Party. What will we pass out then...ipods? Gameboy's?


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