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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Anything you can do I can do....

On Tuesday, SJ and I watched our 7 month old neighbor, Mika. As usual Mika was an angel - such an easy going baby. It was funny to watch SJ want to do everything Mika did - lie on her tummy, sit in the boppy pillow, shake rattles.... And Mika tried to do what SJ did (as much as a 7 month old can mimic a 2 year old) - play with SJ's toys, read books, sit in a regular chair.... Mika seemed especially jealous that SJ could eat mini rice cakes and drink from a cup. SJ had to explain to Mika that she couldn't eat rice cakes because she didn't have any teeth. She also tried to teach Mika about sharing, not to eat books, and not to pull hair. I'm not sure all of SJ's lessons sunk in, but it's good to know that SJ knows some good rules.


At 4:50 PM, Blogger Jill P said...

Ah, a little taste of what life might be like in our household. As the Saffs say, it's a thrill to see the kids together, isn't it?


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