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Friday, December 21, 2007

Back to Bonn

Nathan and I got to enjoy a brief visit back to Bonn last weekend. We left Boston on Wednesday (missing the great snow storm that Thursday) and then we left Bonn on Sunday. We enjoyed being back in Bonn, especially since we knew our way around, knew where to get the best bakery items, coffee, and German specialties. Our first stop was to Bagel Brothers. We reveled in the delicious bagel sandwiches, brownies, and a nice tall Diet Coke (aka cola lite.) By the way, the cola lite cost just over 2 Euros (about $3!)

On Friday I got to enjoy lots of shopping at the Christmas Market and was able to see our friends Mike and Nicole. Nicole and I also got a yummy latte macchiato and drank it outside the cafe. Even in December you can find lots of people eating and driking outside!

Saturday Nathan and I went to Siegburg to the Medieval Christmas Market. We went there last year and thought it was so unique. Second time around it wasn't as exciting, but we did enjoy the Medieval music and dancing.

Saturday night was the big Christmas Party for Nathan's company. It was so nice and we enjoyed lots of good food and fun. So much fun that we didn't leave the party until 3am! (Suprisingly many people stayed until well after 3!) We got about 1 hour of sleep before waking up to head to the train station.

It was a quick trip, but fun to relive our days in Bonn. Sydney had a great time at her Gami and Papi's house playing in all the snow Boston got!


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