SJ on the Move

Thursday, March 20, 2008

SJ's "Games"

SJ loves to make up these "games" that involve regular items and involves matching them, stacking them, or passing them back and forth. Since she's had a lot of playtime with a willing participate in these games (i.e. Grandpa) she has played a lot of them this week.

The first game was Candle. In Candle you simply get out all of Mommy's candles and stack them or rearrange them in boxes.

Then came Garden. In Garden you get out Mommy's display fruit and match them up with the smaller SJ play fruit to create mommy and baby fruit pairs. (This is after assuring Grandpa that you're allowed to play with Mommy's display fruit.) You have to put them in the basket and take them out again and then take the baby fruit to school.

Then came Baby. In Baby SJ acts like a baby and likes being held and being put to bed. Grandpa tried to be the one to be the baby but SJ insisted he was too big.


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