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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Home For Sale

Our house has been back on the market for just over a week now. Last Sunday we had an Open House. We worked ALL weekend to clean and spruce up the house. It looked amazingly good. We were very excited and thought for sure that there would be at least 10 people looking at it.
Well, when we returned home and met with the realtor his first comment was, "Well, it was kind of slow." Upon further questioning he mentioned that only 3 people came through. The first woman said, "I'm sorry, but I don't want a condo. I thought it was a single-family house." The second man said, "My wife is in the car with the baby. I'm going to go out so she can come in and look." Well, he ended up just driving off. And the 3rd person came with an agent and appeared to be the most promising person. So, all that work for a "slight" interest by one person! We vowed never to have an open house again!
We did get contact on Friday that someone wanted to look at the house today. After church we spent a couple hours tidying up and making sure everything was again in tip-top shape. We set out 3 of the booklets about the house that the realtor made and figured if the people had any interest at all they'd take one. So, we headed out for an hour and did some errands (hence, the picture of SJ at Dunkin' Donuts!) When we came back we noticed one of the booklets was gone. This is very exciting. I know it doesn't really mean much, but in this flat housing market any sign of interest is a good thing. So, we will just continue to wait and see. Please pray we can sell this house quickly and for a good price. We'd really just like to move on and put all our time and efforts into the Arlington house!


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