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Sunday, March 23, 2008


As has been much discussed in this space, we're currently in the midst of a major home renovation project - or really nearly a demolition and start from scratch project.

While we've done little of the physical labor ourselves, the management of the project has been about 100X more time consuming than we ever imagined.

As DIY veterans from our current home, there has certainly been work done at our house that we were glad we didn't have to do and/or easily convinced the professionals did a better job than we could have done.

Then, you run into work like this...

This is supposed to be an on door spice rack that conveniently puts spices at your fingertips. Unfortunately, they installed the spice rack at the top of the cabinet, so all but the lowest spices would be unreachable by the person who does most of the cooking in our house. But, most frustratingly, they installed it so that we couldn't have any shelves in about 3/4 of the cabinet. While the cabinet is now perfect for all those 3 foot novelty olive oil bottles you see in stores but never buy, we were hoping for something a bit more functional. How does one install this and think "Yup, that looks right".


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