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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter (Egg) Hunt #1

SJ has been practicing finding Easter eggs all week ever since I got out the Easter decorations, but this morning was her first official hunt. Our local Star Market had an Easter egg hunt for kids - the under 4 group had to be there at 7:30! So we woke SJ up early and went egg hunting, which SJ likes to simply call "an Easter hunt."

The plastic eggs were all down one particular aisle at Star Market. The eggs were mostly just laid out on the floor - easy for the little kids to find, but some were also up in the shelves. SJ filled her basket to overflowing - really, the eggs kept all falling out and we had to put some back.

When we got home we all opened the eggs to see what was inside. She got a whole bowl full of candy - some Hershey kisses, some little Milky Ways, some Rolos, and many little chocolate eggs. I do not know what we will do with all that candy. Actually, I will probably send it with Nathan to share at work.


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