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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A fragile peace, shattered...

A few weeks ago we noticed a new neighbor - a wasp had begun building a nest outside our back door. We don't use our back door very often, and since we're planning on moving out of here in less than 48 hours - it didn't concern us very much. "Live and let live" as they say.

Well, all that changed this evening. As I was hammering a few of the nails on our back stairs balusters (see previous post) - the wasp attacked! It stung me a couple times on my face. Yep - on my face. There's just something very - what's the phrase - "in your face" about the aggressiveness of such an action. While retaliation on my part would be of little face value, and would require an extra trip to Lowes for the appropriate weapon - I somehow feel that letting such a slight go would somehow result in - what's the phrase - "losing face" in the insect kingdom. Should I require the wasp to "face the music", or should I just "face facts" and accept that I'm dealing with a war of attrition? For now, I think I have enough on my plate to let the affront go - but should further hostilities ensue I will definitely take an about face on my position (or should I say "refinement")?


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