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Thursday, July 24, 2008

The New Couch

One of the unfortunate things about living on the second floor is figuring out how to negotiate modern things up a flight of stairs built in 1915. Since we want to be able to sit on plush, soft couches we knew we'd have to find an alternate way to get it in the house. Since many homes in this area of are of the same age with the same stair problem the furniture companies have people who can hoist things up through a window, or use a little crane (for an extra fee, of course!)

Thankfully our new sectional was "small" enough to fit through our front window and the house was easily accessed by a ladder. So, the delivery guys set up the ladder, wrapped the couch, secured it with straps, and then one pushed and 2 pulled it right in. They really made it look easy and withen 10 minutes SJ was jumping for joy. She hasn't even put up a fuss about having to have her morning cereal while sitting on the floor in front of the couch since we implemented a "No eating on the couch" rule for SJ. Nathan and I still sneak food in there afer SJ goes to bed, though. So far no food or drink has spilled!


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