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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Arlington's Patriot's Day Parade

This afternoon we headed to Arlington Center to watch the town's Patriot's Day parade. One of the things that was most exciting to SJ was that some of the people in the parade threw candy to the kids. The first time candy was thrown SJ stood idly by watching the other older kids run into the street. The second time, SJ's Daddy went and got her a piece. The third time, SJ ran and picked up one piece of candy. The fourth time, SJ ran out and gathered all the candy she could then proceeded to run down the street after the car throwing the candy in order to gather more! It didn't take her long at all to learn this process!

Other interesting sights at the parade were the blend of old and new. You have new firetrucks and old Redcoats, new Star Wars characters and old stagecoaches.

After the parade we were going to watch a reinactment of a battle fought along this road between the militia and the Redcoats. SJ was quite disturbed by the loud gunfire so we didn't stick around too long.


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