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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Us and Them, Day 3


Our third day in Bermuda we tried our hand at snorkeling. We headed to Church Bay beach along the south shore of Bermuda - said to be the best snorkeling spot. The water was a bit choppy that day, but Nathan wasn't deterred. I was though. This was my first try at snorkeling and I didn't like feeling tossed around by the waves. I basically sat on a rock and just put my head in the water. I was able to see plenty of fish that way and was quite content! Nathan ventured out further - making me nervous the whole time. We were the only ones at the beach at that time, too. It was nice feeling like we had Bermuda all to ourselves.

Yes, that is Nathan snorkeling out there!
In the afternoon we went to the Botanical Gardens. This was a very expansive place with great collections of flowers, trees, plants and roosters. Yes, roosters. There seemed to be several roaming around quite happily. The main houses at the Gardens closed early (3:30pm) like most things in Bermuda, but we were able to walk around the open areas after that.
Bird of Paradise flower.
S&J spent the day watching workers cut down the fallen willow tree at the playground. Did you know that willow trees hold >6000 gallons of water. I wonder if the playground will be more prone to flooding now? Anyway, they also went to music class and played around the house.


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