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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Us and Them, Day 5

After a morning walk and seeing more sights in the city of Hamilton we checked into our second hotel. It was quite lovely and had a great pool. We decided to spend the afternoon lounging around there since we had been doing so much walking the previous 4 days. It was nice to just relax on vacation!
If Bermuda had a national color I'm sure it would be pink. They are of course famous for the pink sand beaches, but they also have pink and blue city buses, pink houses, pink hotels, pink Bermuda shorts, and this pink taxi. We saw it several times in Hamilton driven by a driver dressed in pink Bermuda shorts, a pink shirt, pink socks worn Bermuda-style (pulled all the way up to the knees) and a pink hat!

For the most part we had the place all to ourselves!

S colored with Grandma and everyone took a walk along Mass Ave. They don't have many pictures from this particular day so this is all you get. Maybe they were getting kind of tired, too!


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