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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Highlights

We all had a great time on Easter, especially since S&J had their Grandma and Grandpa visiting.

S&J opening their Easter baskets!

S enjoying cotton candy after church!

Our church puts on a HUGE Easter celebration party every year. This year was no exception and even had a little petting zoo! The kids got to hold bunnies, pet baby goats and sheep, AND little chicks and ducklings (see below!) It was the best little petting zoo!

The ducklings.

Oh, and there were pony rides, too :) I think the kids learned that there is a great reason to celebrate on Easter - He is Risen!!

After church we went to Nathan's parent's house in Newburyport for dinner. J found a Jesus figure and had quite a lot of fun playing with it and Lightening McQueen - I think Jesus and McQueen became very good friends that day :)

Gami and Papi planned an outdoor Easter egg hunt for all the kids. J had a good time!

Easter chick cake pops - yummy AND cute :)

Our 2 favorite little bunnies (S&J that is, not the kid on the left - don't know him at all, but I'm sure he's some one's favorite bunny!)


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