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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Baby Mall

O.k. The title of this entry has nothing to do with the picture. I had a thought, but unfortunately did not have my camera with me at the mall today. So, here is a random picture of SJ making pretend spaghetti for her purple monkey and her big brown bear for you to enjoy while I share my thoughts!

Today I took SJ to the Atrium Mall. It is really a Baby Mall. Not "baby" as in size, no, it's a full sized mall. But, "baby" as in there are many, many babies at the mall. Some of the great things about his mall that make it baby friendly include free, underground parking! You don't have to fuss with getting the stroller set up in the rain or cold. The mall also has a little indoor play area. It consists of those big, plastic slides and climbing contraptions and the room even has a cushioned floor, a diaper changing area, and a vending machine with 1/2 way healthy snacks! The mall's lay out is kind of circular - great for letting SJ walk by herself and not getting too far away from the exit or the elevators (by the way, there are 4 elevators so you never have to wait very long for one to come.) But, I think the biggest baby friendly feature is that fact that there are not many people at this mall and the people that are there are other moms with their kids in stollers. So, if your baby cries or throws a tantrum you don't have to worry about it or be embarressed since every other person knows exactly what you're going through.

Today SJ was particulary good at the mall. She stayed really close to me while she walked around and was very obedient - even in Borders as we looked at books. So, I rewarded her by taking her to the little cafe - I got a latte and she a Sesame Street juice box (even the cafe has very kid friendly fare.) We sat at a a table in the window sipping our beverages and SJ greeted all the other kids as they walked by. She had a blast and it was fun for me, too.

I am glad that SJ can behave in a mall, especially since I like shopping so much myself! This mall is a good practice mall. Maybe after a few more trips she'll be ready for shopping in the real world!


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