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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Customer Disservice

I had a fun discussion with Frigidaire Customer Service this morning. Our dishwasher didn't come with the necessary hardware to secure it to the countertop so that it doesn't tip over when the racks are extended. So, I called the number on the sheet that said "Call this number if any parts are missing".

After going through the requisite rounds of information exchange, the customer service rep told me the hardware to keep the dishwasher from toppling over was "optional". I referred her to the instruction manual, which I'll post below:

"The dishwasher must be secured to keep it from tilting when door is
opened. Choose one of the methods described below to secure unit.
Countertop Anchoring
1. Install the Cabinet Seal Kit (Instructions included in Kit)
2. Replace Kickplate. See Figure 1
3. Adjust levelers (see Step 5) so mounting brackets touch
underside of countertop. IMPORTANT: Dishwasher must rest on
floor—do not hang from countertop. See Figure 14.
4. Tub needs to be even with the front of adjoining cabinets.
5. Screw mounting brackets firmly to countertop using screws
provided in literature packet."

I said,"Let's read the instructions together 'The dishwasher MUST be secured" and then down in step 1 "Install Cabinet Seal Kit". It does not say "Install OPTIONAL seal kit which you must order from manufacturer". It says the dishwasher must be secured, and you do that by installing the cabinet seal kit.

Her response was "Well, it doesn't say 'install the included seal kit'". I asked her "Why would they ship a dishwasher that did not have all the required parts? That's ridiculous". She told me "Some people don't need the seal kit, so it's not included". I said "That is absurd. The instructions don't say 'Install the seal kit if you need it'. Every dishwasher needs to be secured, in fact the instructions say "MUST". After several minutes of jockeying, I said "I want to speak to your supervisor RIGHT NOW!"

She put me on hold, and when she came back on she told me they were going to ship me the seal kit at no charge. Maybe next time they'll just do the right thing instead of arguing about it for 20 minutes.


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