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Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Day in Boston

One of the nice things about having out of town guests is that you often get to enjoy touristy things your city has to offer - things you don't usually think of doing. Today SJ, my parents, and I went to downtown Boston to enjoy a ride on the Swan Boats. I've lived in Boston for nearly 12 years now and have never done this boat ride! SJ's lived in Boston her whole life and has never visited the Public Garden! So, we felt it was about time to partake in something historic.

SJ strutted around the Garden with her sunglasses on, purse on her shoulder, and with the confidence of a true grown-up!

Our first stop was to visit the Make Way for the Ducklings statues.

Next we headed to the Swan Boats. It was a beautiful spring day!

After a little bit of shopping on Charles Street we headed to the Bull and Finch Pub (a.k.a. Cheers) for lunch. A serving of their famous Boston Creme Pie was the perfect ending to a beautiful day in Boston!


At 10:14 PM, Blogger Kansas Mom said...

We've never ridden the swan boats, but we spent many a pleasant hour in the Boston Gardens. In fact, Kansas Dad proposed to me there!


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