SJ on the Move

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We have walls!

Yesterday's status of the new house: walls up, plaster done. Looking good for paint.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Second Christmas

Yesterday we finally celebrated Christmas with Nathan's family. This was combined with Uncle Ben's birthday and the AFC Championship Game as well. What an exciting day for many reasons! SJ, of course, loved the present opening time and eating Ben's birthday cake the best. She didn't really care about the Patriots.

Gami has an artificial tree so it was able to stay up all the way till mid-January. It definatley helped it feel more like Christmas.

SJ got a Princess Bride dress up outfit from Ruthie and Ben and loves it. Here she is with her 2 Aunts:

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Winter Wonderland.....again

What a difference a week makes. Last week we went to the zoo, played outside at the playground, and wore light jackets. This week, it's back to winter. Monday SJ's school was closed so I had to stay home with her and not go to work. We had a fun snow day. Of course, after an hour or so outside we had to come inside and warm up with hot chocolate (our favorite part!) Later that afternoon we all went out to do some new house related errands. It was great because there was no traffic and we got great personalized attention at the stores.

SJ is really into making snow angels. Unfortunatley,she's not so good at getting up without "destroying" the angel. But, she has fun anyway.

Close call:

SJs first piano lesson

Last Saturday we got a visit from Gretchen! Gretchen is a great friend and a super piano player and she gave SJ her first piano lesson.


Reminds me of a science museum exhibit on static electricity.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Case of Cuteness

SJ has had a severe case of cuteness over the past 2 days. She's been super cooperative, been eating lots of vegetables, and been very fun and playful! I'm hoping this case of cuteness continues to last and doesn't end in a few days like a common cold would! Last night she donned all her bracelets and necklaces and put all her clips in her hair. She kept saying, "I'm so beautiful!" She also put clips in Mommy and Daddy's hair, but we don't put those pictures up on line!

Day at the Zoo

Tuesday topped 66 degrees here in Boston! It was a great day to head outside and visit the zoo.

Sydney's never met an animal statue she couldn't pass up!

It was a little more disconcerting this time 'round visiting the lion considering what happened a few weeks ago at San Diego Zoo.

The best sight was the peacock sitting in the back of the zoo's golf cart!

Just Double Checking

SJ's double checking the work of the carpenter:

So, this is our new house in it's current condition. The walls are supposed to go up today or tomorrow. We are looking forward to seeing it it a more completed condition. We're still hoping to move in in 6-8 weeks!

The Next Great American Rock Star

Is it too early to sign SJ up?

Christmas in Ohio, Part 3

yes, this is a bit overdue, but these pictures were too cute to be excluded from the blog.

SJ was so disappointed there was no snow in Ohio. Her Grandpa had bought her a new red sled and she got the whole snow outfit for Christmas. But, in usual SJ style, she was going to sled anyway! Grandpa hooked up a rope to the sled and Nathan got to pull SJ around the grass outside (by the way, see how green that grass is!) She had a blast and one of the neighbors came by later and commented how they saw her out "sledding!"

Later that day we had my Mom's family over for Christmas dinner and gifts. SJ got a great toy piano from my Aunt Susie! Not only did SJ enjoy playing it, but so did my cousin, Adam. (Don't worry Adam, I won't put that picture up here. I'll keep it hidden in case I ever have to blackmail you!) SJ also got a cute backpack filled with games and she carried the backpack most of the day and of course, it went to bed with her the next several nights. And she also got 100 pieces of plastic food which she enjoyed playing with everyone - she made sure everyone got only "one piece" especially Uncle Tom - he kept trying to get more!