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Monday, April 08, 2013

A Fun Day!

Nathan's birthday often falls around Red Sox Opening Day. This year his day was on their home opener and we were lucky enough to score 4 tickets to the game. The kids enjoyed getting out of school early, taking the T (although it was so crowded at times we really thought they would get squished!), and having their hot dog lunch. It was a rather warm and sunny day so we left hot in the 7th inning, when the game was scoreless, only to find out later that right after that was when the scoring happened. In the end the Red Sox got the win and we were happy to have had a fun day to celebrate Nathan!

On the T!


The Family!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Straight on to Easter!

After posting last about our fabulous February trip to Florida I couldn't image posting pictures of the kids enjoying the many snow storms we got during February and March. So, I thought I'd just skip to Easter so we can put winter behind us!

Here are the highlights:
J's first year dying Easter Eggs!

Rice Krispie Easter pops - yum!

Kids in hats!

Kids on a hunt!

The petting zoo at our church's Easter celebration party!
The duck!

The pony rides!

The joys of childhood!

J enjoying large balloon!

J consumed by large balloon!

The cute kids!

The whole family!