SJ on the Move

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is S's favorite holiday. Why, you ask? Well, she says it is because she gets so many cards. S love accumulating cards! She also likes making cards, giving cards, and buying cards. It really is the perfect holiday then for her!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Boundries for Baby Brother

Since Jayden started crawling he has, of course, wanted everything he can't have, including Big Sister's things. S and J used to be able to play in the same room, each with their own designated spot. Not the case anymore since J instantly crawls over to whatever S is doing and almost all the time she is doing something that she doesn't want Jayden to touch. The other day I heard J fussing a little while he was in the playroom. When I went to check it out I noticed S had put him into his Bumbo seat so he wouldn't get into her books. It is nearly impossible for babies to get out of the Bumbo seat and J was not super happy to be banished to the chair. S is working on learning to not put things on the floor unless they are Jayden-friendly. J just works harder to get into everything he's not supposed to have. I think it's about time to investigate a baby gate to divide the play room in half!

J is such a happy boy that he perked right up with the camera came out!