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Thursday, June 28, 2012

End of 1st Grade Special Trip

To celebrate S's end of a great 1st grade year we told her she could pick a special activity to do. She immediately said she wanted to visit Old Sturbridge Village, which is a recreation of a New England 1830's town. We've been there a few times and S enjoys it so much. This time she wanted to wear the special Little House on the Prairie dress that her Gami made for her last year. Despite the 90 degree weather she wore that dress for most of the day. Needless to say she got many compliments!

 Nathan and J trying their hand at 19th century fishing. J caught the biggest bluegill of the morning!

 S and her Gami at a 19th century schoolhouse lesson.

 The family peeking out of the covered bridge that was once the main entrance of the museum.

We're so proud of S and all she accomplished in 1st grade! She's so excited to be entering 2nd grade now!

Surprise Father's Day Activity

A month or two ago Nathan had the (crazy) idea that he wanted to try skydiving. I didn't want to say anything that would squash a lifelong dream or anything, but I was thinking, "No way, Jose!" Then a few weeks later S was watching a kids t.v. show where they work on science projects and activites that's filmed locally and there was a segment on indoor skydiving. S said she wanted to give it a try so I looked in to it and found the place the show was talking about. It's called Sky Venture and it ended up being only 45 minutes away from home!

So we kept everything a secret from Nathan and planned to take him and the whole family (you have to be at least 3 to do it) and we headed up the day before Father's Day. He ended up having a slight idea on what we had planned - apparenty he had done a lot of internet research and knew that indoor skydiving existed...boy, he's so hard to suprise. Well, I could suprise him by taking him to tea or giving him a pedicure, but he wouldn't be pleased with those.... So, anyway, we had a lot of fun. We all got to fly for just over 4 mintues each! It was a lot of fun and we really do highly recommend it to anyone!

With indoor skydiving you don't actually dive or jump, simply lean into the vertical wind and with a split second you are soaring! It's not scary at all!

If J can do it, so can you! He was such a brave little boy. The instructor didn't let go of Jayden at all, which was probably good since he's so light he might have flown away!

At the end of your second flying session the instructor flew with you so you got to go really high up into the tunnerl! It was fun!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend, Activity 3

On Memorial Day itself we used our new Mass Audobon membership to go exploring at the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary. We had fun exporing trails around ponds and climbing large rock structures. At the end the kids got to observe 2 large sleeping beavers (or "Biebers" as J referred to them!)

 Family self-portrait

´╗┐Watching the beavers - they are only about 18 inches away!

Friday, June 08, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend, activity 2

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After the race we headed back to our house for the 3rd annual Backyard BBQ Party in honor of J's birth. He had a few of his best buds and their families over for fun, food, and cake! Everything was a Lightening McQueen theme, which is one of J's favorite things right now. I think the only things he ate at the party were chips and cake and ice cream! But, hey, you only turn 3 once so might as well live it up, right?!

J, you continue to bless us all with happiness! Happy Day to You!
(click on the collage to see a larger view!)

Memorial Day Weekend, activity 1

On Saturday of Memorial Day weekend S got to run in her first race. It was supposed to be a 1K so Nathan prepped her to pace herself and not run too fast at the beginning, etc. About 2 minutes before the race we learned that her age group was only running about 1/8 mile. We had to then tell her to run as fast as she could instead :) She adjusted well and ran a good race against an 8 year old. S came in 2nd place and was so proud to receive a trophy afterwards! Way to go, S!