SJ on the Move

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Apple Picking

Today we celebrated my birthday with Nathan's family and we went apple picking. It's such a great New England autumn activity and since I always play the, "but, it's MY birthday and I really want to go apple picking" card, I always get to go! Today's apple picking activity was preceeded by an excellent taco lunch and chocolate birthday cake. Ahh...a great day for me! Here's a few pics:

SJ is told to pick only really red apples.

Nathan pulls SJ in the wagon, followed by Ben and Ruthie and Gami and Papi. the wagon was great to have so no one had to carry SJ through the orchard.

The final activity was a hayride through the orchard. Here's Ruthie, SJ and me!

Home Improvement

This is why we don't really do home improvements anymore! Here's a little sample of what it's like to try improvements with SJ around:

SJ: "Daddy, what's this?" [insert any tool's name here]
Daddy: "It's a tool to help me fix the floor."
SJ: "Can I have it?"
Daddy: "No, Sydney, I need it now to fix the floor."

SJ walks away with said tool.......

Daddy: "Sydney, come back, please. I really need that tool now."

SJ reluctantly gives said tool back....

SJ: "Daddy, can I have this wood?"
Daddy: "No, Sydney, I need that wood for the bathroom floor."
SJ: "But, I need it!"
Daddy: "You don't need it."
SJ: "But, I NEED it!!"
Daddy, trying to reason with her: "Sydney, you don't really NEED this wood."
SJ, getting a little more passionate in her plea: "But, I do, Daddy, I really NEED this wood!!"
Daddy, wanting to avoid a meltdown and trying to get back to work: "O.k. Sydney. When I'm done cutting the wood I'll give you what's left."
SJ, calming down: "Okay, Daddy."

Now, repeat same conversation about 20 more times in an hour and you really have a taste of our day yesterday!

On a side note, after nearly 12 hours of labor, Nathan did finish fixing and installing a new Pergo bathroom floor!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ready for Snow

Yesterday Sydney decided she was ready for snow. She raided the winter accessory basket and proudly donned her scarf, hat, booties and mittens. She wore her winter clothes all night and even to bed. Today she took her accessories to school and the teachers had a good chuckle!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Scenes from Family Camp

Sydney struts her stuff, kayaks on Echo Lake, and shows the big kids how the Slip 'n Slide is done.

Southwick Zoo

FYI, the soundtrack has not been added for effect, but was evidently played for the Elephant's benefit.