SJ on the Move

Monday, May 21, 2012

From Little to Big

Today is J's 3rd birthday - the day he goes from little to big. He's been stuck in an in between sizes phase for a while now often getting upset when you call him a "little boy" but then hours later saying he's "too little" when you ask him to do something he can really do!

To celebrate his day we started off by having pancakes for breakfast and opening a few presents. As usual big sister S was there to help J open his gifts! poor kid, he might never get to open a gift completely on his own!!

Then we went down to the playground where we invited friends from the neighborhood and our church playgroup to share some watermelon and cake pops. J certainly enjoyed having so many friends at the playground!

In the afternoon J and another buddy from next door shared cupcakes while we sang Happy Birthday to J. And after dinner J finally got to open the rest of his presents and blow out a candle.

He got sung to via video chat, sung to over speakerphone, sung to by his friends and family, and sung to sleep by me. The latter of those coming after a quiet reflection of J's birth three years ago.

J, you are so cute and smiley. We are really blessed to have you in our family. We look forward to continuing to watch you grow!