SJ on the Move

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The World According to SJ

SJ is really taking a liking to snapping pictures whenever we do. Here's just a sampling of some of the ones she's taken over the past few months. She might actually have a talent for "modern" photography and/or taking funny pics of her Mom and Dad!

And Grandpa... here's one for you!

SJ: "I look like Grandpa!" (referring to wearing a baseball cap!)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Climbing Mt. Backyardamanjaro

SJ has had lot of fun in the snow the past couple days. She started off by helping to shovel, then she crawled on hands and knees all over the backyard, stopping only to try to throw a snow ball at me. Then she discovered her own little mountain. She'd climb up then roll down. What fun!

Grandma, this one's for you!

Soooooo cute!

Monday, February 18, 2008

To Win or Not To Win - that is the question

Today SJ asked if I'd play Candy Land with her. I said yes and we set everything up. Her first comment as we got ready to draw the first card was, "I'm gonna win." I diplomatically said, "SJ, sometimes you win and sometimes the other person wins." Well, she was not deterred, "I'm gonnna win" was repeated emphatically several more times as the game got underway.

About 3 draws into it SJ drew the lollipop card. For those of you who know Candy Land, that's a pretty good card and gets you fairly close to the end of the road. She continued with her "I'm gonna win" declarations as I kept drawing cards that did not get me very far. Then, she drew the candy cane card! Back toward the starting square she went. Her "I'm gonna win"'s got a little more anxious and tear filled. Slowly, but surely, I ended up winning the game. SJ was quite upset and cried for a good several minutes. I tried to reassure her that sometimes she wins, but othertimes other people win. I tried to relate and told her that I don't like losing to people bigger than me either, but she seemed to just need a good cry. Finally, she agreed to play again. Quietly I prayed, "Please let SJ win this time."

Well, the second game went much like the first except that I was the one who drew the ice cream card and shot ahead rather quickly while SJ got card that kept her slow gowing. "You can't win 2 times!" was SJ's cry laden response. I ended up winning again a few turns later and she lost it (see picture below.) "I really didn't want to win this time," I told SJ, but she was not comforted.

I once thought I'd be the parent that never lost a game on purpose. I mean, the kid has to know that they can't win all the time. They have to understand how to lose and how to do so gracefully, right? I convinced her that we needed to play one more time. I couldn't win 3 times in a row, right? Surely the cards would be in her favor this time - they just had to be. I didn't think she'd handle losing a 3rd time. Well, the thing about SJ is sometimes when she tries to pick up a card she accidently picks up 2 and I get a peek at the second card - the one I'll end up with. A couple draws into the game I had a peek at the lollipop card I was gonna get on my next turn. Well, while SJ was busy moving her man ahead, I made a decision to place the lollipop card down one so she'd get it on her next turn. Ah! here I was stacking the cards so she'd win - or at least get significantly ahead. Well, in the end it really was a good thing I did. For if I hadn't, I would have surely won a third time in a row and she probably would have never played another game again.

SJ was very happy she won (see picture above!) But, considering I lost she thoughtfully asked, "Are you upset?" I told her no, but that I was a little sad I didn't win. "You can't win every time" she said. "Yes, SJ, I know, I can't win every time."

Next we played Memory. There is no winner or loser in Memory since everyone ends up with some matches. Maybe we'll stick with this game for a while!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

This morning SJ and I started off the day decorating some cupcakes to take to her school for the Valentine's Party. She did pretty well with the cupcakes, actually. She was even very reserved and didn't lick the spatula until we were all done decorating. (Good to know if you happen to be someone who is eating one of said cupcakes!)

Next, I took SJ to her school for the Valentine's Party. Last year I blogged about how I bought her the cheap-o cards and other kids passed out full-o-goodies goody bags. This year we splurged for the $3 cards and made cupcakes. Others I guess also felt the need to up the ante since there were lots of bigger candy bars and chocolate lollipops in all kinds of shapes and designs. Her whole bag was stuffed full of candy!

Her school had a special guest today: Elmo. A friend of one of the teachers dressed up in an Elmo costume. About half the kids were super excited and the other half were super terrified. SJ was somewhere in the middle. She seemed o.k. at first and then got a little scared. I don't blame her, he was kind of super-sized. She did not want to sit on his lap for a picture. She barely took the goody bag from him!

SJ also got to tell the kids a story (with some help from the teacher) and she seemed to enjoy this very much!

Overall it was a fun Valentine's Party. A little chaotic at times with all the kids and the excitement. I don't know how her teachers exhibit that much energy day to day!

I am Girl, Watch Me Play Dress-Up

SJ is totally a girly-girl. She loves wearing dresses, tights and fancy shoes. She loves dressing up her animals in dresses and shoes. She loves wearing her princess outfit. She loves her hair in a pony tail. And, she loves playing with her dolls.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Went for our weekly Saturday visit to check on the progress at the new house. Cabinents are in, tile done. It's still fairly messy and SJ always says, "I don't like the new house" because of the mess. We hope she changes her mind about things when it's time to move!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Day at the Museum

Last Thursday we were invited to go to the Science Museum for the day. This was SJ's first trip there and she had an enjoyable time.

SJ and friends E & I got to learn how to assemble an osterich skeleton:

One of her favorite parts was the squirrel's tree, which had stuffed acorns and a little cave in which to hide.

Coming along....

The paint's done, the tile's mostly done and the cabinents have just begun! It's really starting to look kind of livable!
The plan is to move at the end of March. Let's hope everything else keeps falling into place!

Beach Baby

SJ is back to wearing her swimsuit around the house. Thankfully, this time she is more cooperative when it's time to don clothes or pajamas.

She's covering up Bunny's eyes to protect them from the sun!

Sydney, PT

2 Sunday's ago I got the chance to speak at SJ's 3-year-old Sunday School class. They were having a "Getting to Know You" Sunday in which they asked 2 parents in each class to come talk to the kids about what they do or a hobby and relate that to your Spiritual life. So, I gathered up my PT tools and planned a very easy-to-understand presentation for the kids. SJ listened to my talk the day before and gave it a thumbs-up. She then wanted to play with my tools (and, of course, take them to bed that night!)

Chocolate Heaven

A couple Saturday's ago I went to a baby shower for a friend. The shower was at a downtown hotel's Chocolate Bar. It was absolutely amazing and had over 100 ways to indulge in chocolatey goodness. There were crepes, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, chocolate bread pudding, chocolate cotton candy, ice creams, chocolate panini sandwiches, all kinds of candies, cheesecakes, tarts, puddings, and so much more. There was even chocolate soup! One of the best was the chocolate fountain into which you could dip anything! Well, not fingers, but anything edible! It definately would be a great place to go for Valentine's Day (hint, hint!) or with a group of chocolate loving friends! By the way, it is possible to go there and not eat anything chocolate. There's cheesecake, fruit, ice cream, and plain cookies - no chocolate in site. (This I say for my non-chocolate eating friend who just might happen to have a chocolate-loving wife - you know who you are!)