SJ on the Move

Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's not much but it makes SJ happy!

SJ is really loving swimming. I enrolled her in biweekly swimming lessons at the Y and she's loving it. Today we bought her a little kiddie pool for our back "yard." We filled it up and of course the water was freezing. Most of the inaugural swim was spent alternating one minute in the pool and then one minute huddled on Daddy's lap trying to warm up. She wasn't deterred though and she had fun for over an hour!

Morning at the Zoo

This morning we wanted to take SJ somewhere fun. This is the first weekend in a while when we aren't going to be consumed by housing searches (not because we found something, but rather because we are taking a break from the intense search.) Anyway, we decided to take Sydney to the Zoo. The Franklin Park Zoo has a butterfly exhibit which just opened a few weeks ago. It was very nice. SJ also got to pet the sheep and goats. She was really excited to ride the carousel which she opted to do instead of having us purchase her some M&Ms (they have been a zoo specific treat for her in the past.) Of course, after the happy mintues on the carousel she still asked for the M&Ms and when we tried to remind her of the deal she made a few moments earlier she started her massive meltdown. She then proceeded to scream, "I don't want to go home!" all the way to the car, resisted getting in her car seat and within 2 mintues later was asleep. Ahh...silence! When we got home we tried to keep her asleep, but she woke up screaming, "I don't want to go home!" all the way into the house. Needless to say she did not continue her nap and we are glad no one from Child Services stopped to interview us.


Ever since experiencing a mid-West thunder storm, SJ has become fascinated with lightening and thunder. Last Thursday we finally got some relief from the 3 day heat wave which was proceeded by a good downpourin' storm. SJ wanted a front row seat. After the storm passed, SJ donned her rain boots and headed out to the huge ankle deep puddle in the back "yard" for some old fashioned romping.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Strawberry Fields

SJ finally got to go strawberry picking. We were the only people there at the time - maybe because it was 90 degrees?! SJ was more interested in eating the berries than picking them. She would pick up a berry and say, "Mom, can you open it?" (i.e. remove the green top?) After a while she shortened her request to, "Mom, can you?" After we got back to SJ's Gami's house we made jam. SJ was even less interested in this process. We yielded about 20 jars of jam and had plenty extra berries.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Feelin' better

SJ is feeling better. She was able to go back to school today and seems back to her old self again.

Tomorrow SJ starts some swimming lessions. She is very excited and hopes to be able to swim "like Mr. Rogers." We also hope to finally go strawberry picking with Gami.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Anything you can do I can do....

On Tuesday, SJ and I watched our 7 month old neighbor, Mika. As usual Mika was an angel - such an easy going baby. It was funny to watch SJ want to do everything Mika did - lie on her tummy, sit in the boppy pillow, shake rattles.... And Mika tried to do what SJ did (as much as a 7 month old can mimic a 2 year old) - play with SJ's toys, read books, sit in a regular chair.... Mika seemed especially jealous that SJ could eat mini rice cakes and drink from a cup. SJ had to explain to Mika that she couldn't eat rice cakes because she didn't have any teeth. She also tried to teach Mika about sharing, not to eat books, and not to pull hair. I'm not sure all of SJ's lessons sunk in, but it's good to know that SJ knows some good rules.

How does your garden grow?

SJ has been a good little helper with the gardening this year. She helped me plant flowers, spread mulch, and she likes to help water the plants with the hose. She was very jealous of my gardening gloves so when we found some for toddlers we bought them. Unfortunately they are very hard to don and they must be kind of uncomfortable because she only leaves them on a few mintues before being "all done" with them. But, SJ doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. On Sunday SJ and her Gami planted some carrot seeds, a potato, and a tomato plant. She can watch them grow and hopefully will be able to taste the fruits (or vegetables) of her labor at summer's end.

sick day

SJ is taking a sick day today. We were supposed to go strawberry picking with her Gami today, but SJ got strep throat so we have to cancel. You know SJ is really sick when all she does is hold her bowl of Munckins and doesn't eat them. Our agenda for today: watch lots of SJ appropriate t.v. (Mr. Rogers, Mickey Mouse, Little Einsteins), drink lots, cuddle, sleep, read books, and lots of t.l.c. (Oh, and Mommy gets time to update the blog with some of the things we did in the past week!)

Friday, June 15, 2007


SJ likes to watch Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Recently an episode aired that was all about swimming. Mr. Rogers went swimming with a friend. SJ loves this episode and asks for it all the time! The episode starts with Mr. Rogers showing the television neighbor his swimming gear - cap, goggles, and swim fins. He then "remembers" going swimming with a friend. Cut to the pool and the 2 of them swimming. The music that plays in the background is very soft piano and violin music and Mr. Rogers narrates the scene with his usual soft, slow speech. (The music actually makes me think of the kind of music I heard the last time I got a massage at the spa.) Anyway, it is quite soothing and peaceful. You actually come away from it very relaxed. It's a great scene for SJ to watch before going to bed. Next time I'm having trouble falling asleep maybe I'll cue this one up on TiVo and watch it myself!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

House Hunt #34

I don't know if it has been exactly 34 houses, but it sure seems that way. Our hunt for the perfect 2 family home in East Arlington continues. Today we saw another home that we will put an offer on. At first glance the outside of the house seems a little odd because the house is 2 toned. The top floor has a rusty red colored siding and the bottom floor has a pale gray colored siding. I don't know why one would choose to do it this way. We thought this was totally unique but as we were driving around the neighborhood we saw 3 more 2 toned houses! At least we wouldn't have trouble telling people which house was ours.

After looking at a house with our friends we usually try to go to a local playground so the kids can run around and play. Today was no exception. SJ even got a ride in the double stoller pushed by Ethan. SJ has always liked strollers and riding in other strollers has been an easy way to satisfy her!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

SJ with Grandma and Grandpa

SJ had a very good time in Ohio visiting her Grandparents, her Uncle Jeff, and other Great Aunts and Uncles. She had to say good bye to them yesterday and return to Boston. Here she is one last picture taken in their new finished basement which houses a little play area for SJ. Behind SJ is an African print that my parents purchased during their recent visit to South Africa.


The Sounds of a Vacation in Marysville, Ohio: birds chirping.....wind chimes chiming in the gentle breeze.....children laughing and playing in the distance.....the hushed sound of a lawn mower trimming the green lawn of the neighbor down the street.....sprinklers twittering to keep those grass blades green.....Ahhh.....

The Sounds of Regular Life in Boston, Massachusetts: cars zooming down the street....horns honking at you while you're at the stop engines sounding the siren.....teenage boys walking down the street with loud voices dumping Dunkin Donuts trash in the flower reving...ughhh......

My Little Pony

On Wednesday SJ and I enjoyed a day at the Columbus Zoo with her Grandma and Grandpa. SJ got to see alligators - which is a current fascination of hers. The Zoo even had white alligators. She also got to pet a snake, brush a goat, ride a train, get an air-brushed tatoo and ride a pony named Happy! What a day!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Great Outdoors

SJ is really enjoying her time in Ohio. She wants to go outside at every possible opportunity. Her grandparents have many types of lawn games and SJ has also gotten a wiffle fat bat and ball and a little golf set since she's arrived. SJ tends to make up her own rules for games rather than following the suggested rules that have been with these lawn games since the beginning of time. For example, today we tried to teach her Bocce Ball. In SJ's version she stands about 6 inches from the while ball and holds the big ball way up high then drops it so it hits the white ball. Success if she hits the ball. She tries again if she misses. My Mom and I tried to play the old fashioned way but SJ always interjects with a, "Here, I'll show you," and proceeds to try to teach us her way of doing it. We tried to set up her little wiffle golf set yesterday but again she had more fun just putting the balls inside the caddy and rolling it around "like a wagon." And, bubbles. We got her a big bubble wand sort of thing and she proceeds to flick the wand so as to splash others with the bubble juice. All this before dumping out the soap all over the patio! I guess that is why most lawn games, wiffle sets, and bubbles say "Ages 4+." Oh well, as long as she is having fun!!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

So, what would that be, exactly?

Nothing says summer to me like the joy of a Dunkin' Donuts Mocha Coolatta. There's something about the cool refreshment of blended ice, the rich elixirs from the beans of both coffee and cacao, the burst of caffeine to awaken the senses, and finally, to top it off, the rich indulgence of whipped cream.

Of course, actually getting whipped cream on your Coolatta is a bit hit and miss. The employees at D 'n D don't strike me as the kind of "baristas" you see at Starbucks that can handle an order of "Vente Half-Caf Mocha Latte with Skim Milk to Go" without missing a beat. So, I usually try and take my order a step at a time. I don't like to confuse them right off the bat by making things too complicated. I just tell them I want a Medium (size), Mocha (flavor), Coolatta (product). Three variables shouldn't be too much trouble.

Occasionally, I've thrown in the "with whipped cream" in the initial order. However, half the time they forget anyway - so I've stopped bothering. Unfortunately, most of the time they don't ask you if you want whipped cream. Why that is, I have no idea. Who wouldn't want whipped cream? So, you have to precisely watch the assembly of the Coolatta and strategically interject "With whipped cream, please" at the appropriate moment.

As further evidence that one must tread with caution in making your order too complicated at Dunkin Donuts, I was coming back from Chicago today and stopped to top off at DD with my favorite beverage. After asking for a "Mocha Coolatta" (I didn't even include the size this time, to make it simple), I was then asked "Hot or Cold?". I was quite tempted to see what a "hot" Coolatta would be, but in the end I decided to stick with the traditional "cold" iced beverage.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Grandma's Birthday Party - the Cake

SJ and her Grandma!

Grandma's Birthday Party - Enjoying the Lawn

SJ is not used to lawns, let alone grass! We don't have any at our house in Boston and even the playground we frequent doesn't have much to speak of. Today during Grandma's party SJ was very glad to be able to run around and play in the grass.
In the development in which SJ's Grandparent's live there are a lot of backyards that abut each other. Often the only way to know you're in another's yard is the slight difference in the mowing pattern. About 4 backyards away the family has a swing set. SJ saw it and said she wanted to go and play on the playground. We had to tell her that some people have swings at their house and they belonged to those kids. I'm sure she things those kids are extremely lucky. Thankfully there is a public playground a couple blocks away where she can play!

Grandma's Birthday Party - Corn Hole

SJ's Grandma is turning 60 on June 6th. Today we had a party for her with all the family and some friends and neighbors. SJ was so personable and well behaved. She enjoyed playing the lawn games and playing catch with anyone that would play with her. One of the lawn games played a lot here in Ohio is called Corn Hole. 4 small square bean bags are filled with corn. Then 2 teams of 2 persons try to toss the bags into a slanted piece of wood with a small hole in it. There are 2 holes, 33 feet apart. The first team to reach a certain number of bags in the hole wins. In the above picture SJ and Grandma cheer on Uncle Jeff and Cousin Megan.

Life in the 'Ville

SJ and I arrived yesterday to Ohio. SJ did great on the plane although the pipe cleaners only occupied her for about 20 mintues. SJ was very excited to see Grandma and Grandpa. They bought her a bike to ride when she visits - one just like her bike in Boston, but blue in color and with a bell. Yesterday she and her Grandpa went for a ride and she had a great time. She also got to "drive" her Uncle Jeff's new Honda Civic Si.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Ohio, here we come!

SJ has been excited all week long about going to Ohio to visit Grandma and Grandpa. I've also told her she gets to see her Uncle Jeff, my Aunt Linda and Uncle Mike, and my Aunt Jody and Uncle Tom. She can now recite all the names of the Columbus relatives. (She is also aware the Aunt Jody is the one with the swimming pool!)

SJ is especially thrilled about her airplane ride. Tonight she tried to help me pack up the suitcase, but she decided she'd rather be IN the suitcase. I had to get her out before she started to unfold all I had packed. I hope she sleeps well because we have to leave for the airport by 6. She should behave pretty well since she is really excited about the trip. Thankfully it' s only about a 2 hour flight. SJ has been told the "workers" on the plane will ask her to put on her seatbelt and give her a cup of juice! I packed 3 new sticker and coloring books as well as a fresh set of pipe cleaners. Yes, pipe cleaners. My co-worker said she bought some and her 2 year old was entertained on the airplane for hours making things. We'll see if it works for SJ!