SJ on the Move

Monday, October 27, 2008

Birthday #3 (The ACTUAL One!)

SJ's actual 4th birthday was today. It was really like a regular Monday for everyone with school and work. SJ got to take her favorite book and a new toy to school and when she got there she made a crown, which she wore all day. That night we had her favorite dinner - mac-n-cheese, lit a candle in a left over cupcake and then suprised her with her new bike. (yes, it's a Princess bike!)

After this picture was taken she got on and we sent her on her way after reminding her how to use the pedals to stop. She had previously ridden a bike like this all around the toy store so we figured she'd be good to go. However, within about 10 feet she lost control, couldn't stop, lifted her feet from the pedals and nearly hit a parked car! She fell over and cried. Nathan and I laughed. Thankfully she got right back on and tried again - this time with more guidance from her Daddy. She then went for a long ride with him and had a great time!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Birthday #2

Today was SJ's birthday party. She wanted a Princess theme and that's what we had. She wore her tiara the whole time and ever her cake had a tiara on it.

SJ and her friend, Simon, enjoyed making Baby Janaki laugh by waving the pom-poms at her over and over! I've never head a baby laugh like Baby J. It was so cute!

SJ was blessed with many presents from her friends and family and she has enjoyed every one of them. Thank you!

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Dentist Van

SJ's new school offers free dental screenings to the kids. A big van comes that is set up like a dentist's office on the inside. SJ got to sit in the big chair, have her teeth checked, got a flouride treatment and a goodie bag! She did great for her first dentist visit!


Anatomy of a proper leaf pile jump, by Sydney:

Step One:
Get kid sized rake and start gettin' the leaves:

Step Two:
Work, work, work....make pile big

Step Three:
Add extra padding just to be safe

Step Four:
Jump in!

Step Five:
Ahh...enjoy. Again?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Birthday Party #1

Since SJ's grandparents can't be here for her big party or her actual birthday we celebrated with them a little early.

SJ tells us this is how she's going to pose when we sing "Happy Birthday" to her:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Special Visit!

This week we welcome SJ's Grandma and Grandpa for a visit! This is the first time in a while we have not handed them a to-do list when the arrived that included cleaning, painting, or other new-house associated tasks! I think they welcome the break! Their to-do list does include running errands to help prepare for SJ's upcoming 4th birthday, but they are at least fun chores that don't require manual labor!

SJ loves it that her Grandma is getting into knitting and she loves to get little knitting lessons!

My Dad and I have little thing we do to see who will be the one to have the first egg nog of the season. We've done this for many years and I don't really remember how it started. But, we both love egg nog and were the only ones in the house who'd drink it. Usually my Dad wins the little contest, but this year we got to enjoy the first nog together! Yum-o! (am I allowed to say that or do I have to give reference to Rachael Ray?)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Topsfield Fair

SJ, Gami, and I enjoyed a day at the Topsfield Fair. SJ enjoyed 5 kiddie rides, watching pig races, eating pizza and apple cider donuts, petting cows, goats, and bunnies, and riding a pony!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Only in Harvard Square

Today we decided to check out Harvard Square's October Festival. We thought it might remind us of Germany and we'd get to eat some yummy sausage. We got there right before the parade started. The parade consisted of an ecclectic mix of small bands, scantily clad folks hola-hooping, folks on short bikes, tall bikes, and other odd bikes, lots of people on stilts, and other groups of folks that made us say, "...hmmmmm...." We never saw anything like this in Germany. Maybe we just didn't hit the big cities at the right time or something. However, SJ enjoyed dancing to the band music when she wasn't asking, "what is that?"

We did try the sausage at one vendor - didn't really remind us of Germay either. But we did get free samples of Cape cod chips, got to pay $4 for SJ to get a cat nose and whiskers painted on her face, and $5 for fried dough.

They even had a 213 foot couch along Church St. Supposedly the longest couch ever. SJ, Ethan and Isaac pause for a rest along the couch:

Even though it wasn't very "German" it was a fun time with friends and a beautiful day.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

At the Aquarium

Today SJ and I met up with friends for a visit to Boston's aquarium. SJ enjoyed running around with Jack, holding baby Katie, and seeing the sharks, seals, eels, and fish. She even enjoyed holding a starfish and sea urchin.