SJ on the Move

Saturday, January 21, 2012


The Boston area was finally snowed upon! There hadn't been any significant snow since a freakish Halloween storm until this week, which left about 4 inches of the fluffy stuff! Needless to say the kids were very excited to wear their new snow boots (bought in a hurry after the Halloween storm!) and use their new sled from Christmas.

Apparently this season Boston has gotten 4.7 inches of snow and the season normal at this stage is 18 inches. Last year we had 43 at this point! I'm not complaining, just stating the facts! I love being able to walk on the sidewalks to/from school in the mornings and not have to maneuver a stroller through mounds of frozen snow!

(Update: since the pictures were taken all the snow has melted and we had over 50 degree weather! What is up with this strange winter?!)