SJ on the Move

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another Snow....

Well, just after the streets were cleared we got another snow storm. Thankfully this one did not bring as much snow, only about 5 inches in total, but it was a heavy and wet snow.

J laments over the snow blower not working well...again. (Nathan later put in on Craig's List and got zero hits! Guess we'll be storing it again in the basement for the summer.)

S always finds delight in newly fallen snow and built a small snowman on top of the giant snow pile in the front yard.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bring in the Big Guns

After several snow storms our street was really only wide enough for one car lane necessitating parking restrictions. Finally the town brought in the big plows and cleared the streets in our neighborhood after months of being narrow. Both S and J enjoyed watching the giant plow at work and now we can park on our street again!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Path of Most Resistance

Walking S to and from school has proven to be very difficult these days due to snowy, icy, slushy conditions as well as narrowed roads and sidewalks. Despite all this S chooses to take to school what I call "The Path of Most Resistance." It looks like this: sliding on every icy patch, punching snowbanks every 3 steps, stomping in every puddle, climbing over every mountainous snowbank to get to the crosswalk, and stepping in every pile of slushy mess. Needless to say we have to leave 5 minutes earlier to get to school on time. Oh, my path, by the way, excludes each of the aforementioned obstacles and includes trying to only step on dry pavement - I call that "The Path of Least Resistance!" S simply calls that "Boring!"

Enough Already!

J wants his playground back!

The Match

Round 1: Jayden v. Cornstarch
Winner: Cornstarch

Round 2: Cornstarch v. The Dyson Vacuum
Winner: The Dyson

Round 3: The Dyson v. Cutest Little Boy Ever (CLBE)
Winner: CLBE - for nothing can take away his cuteness!