SJ on the Move

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun!

SJ got to enjoy 6 play filled days with Grandma and Grandpa this past week. Other highlights include enjoying root beer floats, making noodles with Grandma, painting fingernails, knitting lessons, making dancing videos, and getting to wake Grandma and Grandpa up early each morning!
Grandma and Grandpa were relieved that this year's February trip to Boston did not involve snow shoveling as it had in years past!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Picture This....

... it's a rare "warm" February day with highs nearing 60 degrees. SJ is so excited to be able to be outside without a coat that she wants to run up and down the sidewalk blissfully squealing with arms outspread like she's a bird. After about 10 laps we say it's time to come in. We are met with a disappointed kid who pleads for just a "little bit" more outside time. We say she can have 2 more runs. On her first run she trips, sprawling out forward hands first and skids along the sidewalk. Blissful squealing is now replaced with screams, crys, and sobbing "I want to go inside now." SJ is left with 3 small holes in her pants, a scraped knee and a cut hand. Warm day enjoyment comes to abrupt end....

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Who's that kid with the Oreo cookie?

SJ, like all the rest of us, is taking a liking to the Oreo cookie. However, SJ prefers to eat hers this way:

Step 1: Carefully twist off chocolate cookies to expose the yummy "stuf."

Step 2: Carefully scrape off the stuf with a spoon and then put stuf on the table.

Step 3: Eat the stuf. Leave the cookie or offer to adult desperate enough to eat cookie without stuf.

If they made a DoubleStuf cookie without the cookie part SJ would be in Oreo heaven, but then it really wouldn't be an Oreo anymore, would it?